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Legal stagings. The Visualization, Medialization and Ritualization of Law in Language, Literature, Media, Art and Architecture, Köpenhamn 2012, Museum Tusculanums Forlag.

I. Introduction

Kjell Å Modéer: Visualization of a Nordic Legal Modernity: From August Strindberg to Lars von Trier

Peter Wahlgren: Visualization of the Law

Hanne Petersen: On-stage and Off-stage European and Global Legal Scenes

II. Law and the Media

Khaled Ramadan: Media Industry, Economy and Value in Crisis. The Role of Contemporary Journalism in Relation to the Danish Cartoon Controversy

Lynda Nead: Freedom from Publicity or Right to Information? Visual Cultures of the Courtroom

III. The Visuality of Law

Dag Michalsen: Law as Visual Communication

Cecilie Schjatvet: The Patron-Client Relation Visualized

Leif Dahlberg: The Menace of Venice, Or Reading and Performing the Law in/of The Merchant of Venice

Rainer Maria Kiesow: Man and Dog. The Modernity of Law – Jurists, Violence, Poetries, and a Photograph


IV. Courts of Law; their Buildings, Rooms and Actors

Pia Letto-Vanamo: Images of Finnish Justice

Leslie J. Moran: Imagining the Judge. A Case Study of Judicial Portraiture

Eva Löfgren: This Is Not a Court-House

Lisbeth Fullu Skyberg: Staged Justice

Martin Sunnqvist: From Stone Circle to Transit Hall. Law and Art in the District Court Buildings in Ängelholm and Helsingborg

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